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Jori is a Certified Professional Chef, Music Producer & DJ. Graduated from Academy of Culinary Education, in Los Angeles.

From then on, she honed her skills as a Chef to make different varieties of food. Such as making fresh pasta, rolling up sushi by scratch, to baking macaroons fresh from the oven!

She provided hor d’oeuvres, desserts, & prepped the main dishes alongside with Wolfgang Puck to cater The Academy Awards, also known as, The Oscars.

Having a certification on both professional cooking and baking!

Jori also found her passion for music and went to music production school at Icon Collective in Burbank, CA. She even went to Scratch Academy to fine tune her DJing Skills.

As she learned throughout the years, Jori combined her love for food and music into her videos. On TikTok, gaining over millions of views & 2+ Million followers.

Overall being a DJ | CHEF | MUSIC PRODUCER

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